Nigeria’s Safe School Initiative

GHT Global led a team of UK experts sponsored by the UK Government’s Department for International Development to provide technical assistance to Nigeria’s Safe School Initiative (SSI). It aimed to ensure that children could continue to safely access education in Northern Nigeria by providing a response for the protection of schools and the prevention of future attacks on schools. GHT provided technical assistance to the SSI’s Steering and Technical Committee’s to inform the design of the safe schools response. The technical support covered the needs assessment, stakeholder engagement, an evidenced based design for safe schools and alternative provision models, training and development of the implementation strategy. GHT were also responsible for developing community security networks, community mobilisation and evaluations in an arduous environment. GHT were required to brief the Nigerian Finance Minister and State Governors on a weekly basis whilst providing strategic Counter Terrorism advice to the Governors responsible for tackling Boko Haram in the 3 Emergency States.