Support to Media

Throughout the 2022 Russian invasion of Ukraine, GHT-Canada delivered security-related services to multiple private clients operating in the conflict zone – most notably, a medium-sized Canadian news outlet with little operational experience in non-permissive environments.

GHT worked with this outlet to overcome challenges at all levels (strategic, operational, and tactical) to gradually develop the organization’s operational infrastructure to support such a deployment. Strategically, GHT engaged with senior executives to develop an overarching security culture within the organization to support operations in novel, unpredictable environments. Concurrently, using an intelligence-led approach, GHT performed a risk advisory function that enabled responsive and informed decision-making by management and crews on the ground.

GHT risk advisors accompanying deployed personnel provided intimate, adaptable support as teams navigated the unique threat landscape within Ukraine. Working with our security experts allowed the crews to have a high-level of mobility and access throughout the country with reliable evacuation and medical planning in the event of an emergency. Planning on all levels was also informed by continuous reach-back support that conducted round-the-clock monitoring of the conflict to produce daily intelligence briefs for all personnel involved.