Resolute commitment to safeguarding Canadian National Security interests

GHT delivers competitive advantage through best-in-class training, capability development and specialized operational support to government agencies and commercial organizations.

Our Strengths Are Founded
on 4 Pillars

The company reputation and core business are based upon four key pillars: Trust, People, Partnerships and Innovation. These pillars guide our mission to create a safer and more secure environment for our clients and their assets.

Our Services


GHT Green

GHT’s experience at covert action enables the training and provision of discreet, covert and clandestine techniques to provide governments and their militaries with illumination.

GHT Blue

Delivering risk management solutions to commercial organizations with a focus on critical national infrastructure, through operational threat intelligence, a proactive approach to risk management and security assurance.

GHT Black

Based upon a foundation of mutual trust, GHT provides tailored competitive intelligence products and direct operational support of mission critical activity.

Our Strategic Partners

Conduct & Ethics

• Privacy and trust are the foundation of our business
• Our greatest strengths are our people and our reputation
• Our clients’ interests are our first priority
• Best, not biggest