Since 2013 we have provided training, capability development and operational support to FVEY tier 1 military units, Intelligence Agencies and Foreign Governments.

Our high level of expertise in this area and understanding of the threat landscape enables us to design and deliver bespoke and effective risk mitigation solutions for our government, commercial and private clients.

We have established a core talent pool of expertise at the Strategic, Operational and Tactical levels including both operations and business support. Our defence and policing expertise covers all disciplines of counter-terrorism, and the wider law enforcement and criminal justice fields in the United Kingdom and overseas. This provides a flexible, ethical and professional knowledge and skill base to deliver solutions to public agencies and private clients internationally.

As the security landscape becomes more complex, unpredictable and interconnected, it requires a holistic approach that brings together expertise and experience across government agencies to produce a coherent response to the security challenges. We have developed a structured approach that aligns all organisational elements to improve operational performance and build resilience. We recognise that as organisations evolve, new requirements and vulnerabilities will surface.

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GHT Global offers a broad range of security services to governments, large corporate entities & defence departments