Delivering competitive advantage by facilitating immediate operational requirements to outpace modern adversaries.
Intelligence as a Service (IaaS)

In an ever-changing threat landscape, the ability to capture and analyze timely intelligence according to your risk profile is critical to success. With superior analytical, assessment and technological capabilities, GHT delivers cost effective Managed Security Intelligence Solutions to both commercial and government clients worldwide. 

GHT provides a 360-degree view of risks and environmental considerations, empowering businesses and governments to make well informed decisions, protect their interests and safeguard long term success in an increasingly volatile risk environment.

This capability includes:

  • Due Diligence (DD)
  • Pre-Screening and Verification (PSV)
  • Digital Footprint Reviews (DFRs)
  • Threat Intelligence
Technology & Innovation

Based upon a foundation of mutual trust, GHT strives to understand client requirements and find solutions needed to develop capabilities and increase operational effectiveness. By having a vast reach into North American and UK Defense and Security Industries, GHT keeps abreast of the newest sector innovations and identifies the best procurement methodologies. At no cost to our clients, we make the right connections at the right times so they can focus on operational priorities.

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