GHT’s experience at covert action enables the training and provision of discreet, covert and clandestine techniques to provide governments and their militaries with illumination.
This capability is instrumental in assisting governments understand what is transpiring in the security environment, and determining decisions based on ground truth and situational awareness.

GHT has extensive experience designing and implementing bespoke training packages for governments and commercial organizations. We recognize the dynamic requirements of our clients, and work closely with you to specifically adapt our curricula according to your needs.

We recruit the most relevant and current subject matter experts from the UK Special Forces and 5 Eye intelligence community to ensure you receive the highest caliber instructors for your training.

Capability Development

GHT provides government, defence and law enforcement clients with bespoke capability development initiatives. With a profound grasp of technology and a legacy of delivering bespoke and niche capability, we excel in identifying, implementing and refining solutions no matter how technical, complex, and challenging the requirement.

Operational Mentoring

Embark on a strategic pathway: Drawing from our extensive operational experience, we guide you through challenges with expert mentoring. Gain forward-thinking insight and relevant knowledge to enhance your team’s output in times of need.

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